About me

Hi, I'm Aron van der Hijden, owner and founder of We‑commerce. That's me in the picture from the early days when there was no internet. That changed in 1992 where I had my fist encounter with the internet creating a simple HTML page (the HTML 2.0 spec didn't even exist). It would take another 5 years before I became I web developer. Starting with something called Lotus Notes, I discovered how to create web based applications. In the year 2000 I started my own company named We‑commerce, delivering web app centric services.

About 7 years ago I became more interested in the usage of my web apps. A day full of web development started with a quick check of my Google Analytics dashboards. How is my site doing? And that brought me to the essential question, what is needed to make a site attractive to a visitor? And that is not all about using the best techniques, most advanced features or fastest database.

Luckily I had the opportunity to start a new project as web analyst. I worked with the Adobe Marketing Cloud for over 6 years. I've seen many aspects of web analytics, e-mail marketing, A/B and MVT testing, SEO, etc. Today I'm a DAA Certified Web Analyst™ using web analytics and other data sources to optimize conversion and gain valuable insights.

You can hire me. See my LinkedIn profile for projects and experience or you can contact me directly.

We-commerce We‑commerce is a Dutch based company founded in the year 2000 by Aron van der Hijden. Current business focus of the company is conversion optimization, web analytics and data integration.

Digital Analytics

I'm a DAA Certified Web Analyst™ and worked for many years with the Adobe Marketing Suite and Google Analytics. Some of the roles that have my interest:

Web Analyst - creating reports, dashboards and insights
Conversion Optimization Specialist - experimentation and testing (A/B, MVT)
Digital Analyst - combine multiple online company data sources (voice of customer, email marketing)
Data Integration Specialist - enrich online company data set with external data sources (competitive intelligence)
Data Scientist - data mining, modelling, predictive analytics

Because of my technical background, I've a good understanding of tagging. This is the process of adding (javascript) code snippets to your site or app to enable (a specific type of) measurement. There are many items to consider when implementing a measurement solution, like: cookie acceptance, browser support, management of tags, rich-media tracking (flash, widgets, video), app measurement, etc. A good technical understanding of these web based concept is needed to tag a site and configure a web analytics tool. Having reliable and complete data is a first and most important requirement for a successful digital analytics strategy.

I try to keep up with the latest developments. At this moment I'm expanding my knowledge around web design and framework related topics. Basically I'm an analytics ninja but my goal is to be an expert in the following areas:

HTML5 CSS3 jQuery jQueryUI PHP MySQL Less
Closure Compiler Yii PHP Framework Bootstrap